Aero One – Decisions & Prototype Assembly [2]

In my previous post I described my ideas about a lightweight portable audio system, the Aero One.  Most open questions are solved now, e.g., concerning the driver and some new issues that arose during the prototype assembly. Following, you can find an overview outlining my decisions to these points:

  • The Visaton FR 10 WP will be used as driver due to it’s smaller form factor.
  • The current revision of Aero One won’t support Bluetooth. There was no module with a proper price that justified this feature.
  • Regarding volume control – a stereo potentiometer will be used.
  • Integrated charging capability using a solar cell is dropped, because available modules provide not enough power (1W).
  • The housing will be based on a piece of massive cardboard pipe: the drivers will be mounted at each end.
  • The user interface will be divided in two parts: On/off-switch & volume control on the frontside; micro-USB & audio jack on backside.

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Aero One – Planning and First Steps [1]

Lately – as days grew longer – I thought it was time to start a new project, Aero One. The keyword stands for a new portable audio system similar to The Bee, but smaller and lightweight. The weight and the dimensions of The Bee did not allow to carry it on a summer day to a park. A side effect, when not using The Bee was, that 15€ mini speakers came into action frequently. Indeed, they are better than raw smartphone sound, but compared to any loudspeaker with at least a small ambition for high fidelity sound… that’s not comparable. More expensive mobile products have not been an alternative for me, because 1) I rather like to build such stuff on my own and 2) I don’t like hyped music pills, where most of the price is due to the brand.

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